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AciD Corrosive Rapper, Producer & Writer

Unity Chakanetsa, better known as AciD Corrosive. Born January 18, 1988 in Harare (H-town), Zimbabwe. Later moved to Namibia at the 061 projects known as Katutura. He learnt to survive under dry weather and began his music hustle in the 061 projects.

Early Life

As a kid, AciD wanted to be a scientist but his dreams sailed away when he was involved with the commercial world. During childhood he conducted several scientific experiments, hence the name AciD. He grew up in a mixed environment where he learnt different life skills at different angles and he began to write short stories and poetry.

Facts about AciD

He first went by the rap name Gora, meaning thug. He later picked up the name Golden Dollar, during Red Brix advocation. He came from a stable family, got his advanced education and is a graduate of low and advanced level studies. AciD was always smart with his studies and at the same time street-wise. Currently he enjoys been a swimming instructor of learn to swim.

AciD in his own words

I'm just a Rapper with a human superior vision, rap based on pyramidal attack for all empty hearts that need to be filled with supernatural corrosive substance. To my fellow artist, I encourage you to spit ether, forever you shall grow big. We are not human beings on a spiritual journey but we are spiritual beings on a human journey, so lets think and act like spiritual beings.

Achievements & Released Material

AciD won Zim Battle Award, which he displayed strong lyrical tactics and punchlines that took down competing M.Cs. Later AciD created a crew, "Red Brix". The crew released various singles which made noise in the avenues (produced by Tinashe). Unfortunately Red Brix dissolved when AciD moved to Namibia.

When AciD landed in Namibia he started a record label, "Melt Down Records", now known as Acilkka Productons. He released a mixtape, "The Foundation Of Corrosive Magic". On this mixtape he featured Djay, the late Catty-Catt, Dice, Dboy, Slammer, M-dwayne and other known and upcoming artist. The mixtape explained AciD's feelings towards the game in a scientific way, hence the name Corrosive Magic. The mixtape was a success project because of its richness in scientific poetry, a new breed of Hip-Hop emerged in the Namibian Hip Hop Industry.

The House Of Corrosive Magic : AciD's EP album, released 25th of November 2011. R.U.K produced most of the hit tracks on the album, the likes of Dicky Dang, Super Nature, In Love, Wassa Word, Corrosive Army and We All Fall Down. On this album he featured Dice, Jericho, Slammer, the late Catty Catt, J.T, Lioness, M-dwayne, Dj KBVDP, Dj Ché and many more. Acid currently signed three artist under Acilkka Productions: Greenback, Illest Dusho and Silkka Chemotaxis. They all released singles classified as hits on most of Namibian platforms.

Lost And Found Tapes: A mixtape compilation of unreleased recovered tracks. The tracks were literally lost and found. He currently released four singles, "Do It" featuring Staxx Major, "Do It Remix" featuring Staxx Major & KaTTa dEM, "Race" and "Mic Reaper". He is currently working on his first original album, soon to be released...

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